Bridge the gap between your Brick-n-Mortar and Online brands to maximize customer loyality, visits and wallet share.

Use cross promotions to maximize your marketing dollar return across Online and Brick-n-Mortar. Online sites need more than just good games to create loyalty.

Your patrons are swamped with marketing messages, make your brand and offers stand out as relevant, timely and interesting!

Leverage integrated marketing across all your channels to maximize loyalty, visits and wallet share.

The gaming market is changing rapidly to accommodate iGaming and these changes will affect your Brick-n-Mortar properties. In the iGaming space, competitors are only a click away, establishing online iGaming loyalty is a challenge.  Close the gap between Brick-n-Mortar and iGaming loyalty programs using cross-marketing in a balanced way playing to the strength of each channel.

Many iGaming companies are clamoring for your attention and your dollars to implement Free Play iGaming today.  Few of these offer significant integration with your existing Brick-n-Mortar properties and marketing programs. Tread carefully and consider the long term considerations of these business opportunities.

  • Differentiation: How will your online offering be different from everyone else's? Build your brand, not the iGaming vendors!

  • Marketing: How does the iGaming technology fit into your marketing process?

  • Database Ownership: Are you giving your database away? You spent years building your database - give it away, seriously?

  • Real Money Play Technology: Are you implementing technology that can handle the rigors of Real Money play?

  • Breadth of Offering: Are you getting everything you need? Lots of Games, marketing integration, analytics?

  • Social Media: Are you getting a solution that fully exploits social media?

iGaming solutions should build your brand - not the iGaming vendor's brand. iGaming solutions that seamlessly integrate into your marketing programs make cross-marketing possible and drives loyalty, more visits and greater wallet share. Retaining ownership and control of your patron database ensures your future success. Owning the data generated from online play is important for marketing and compliance reasons. Selecting technology that is proven in the Real Money iGaming space reduces your long term risk and reduces your time-to-market once Real Money Play is legal. A robust offering of many types and flavors of games makes your site more popular.