Bridge the gap between your Brick-n-Mortar and Online brands to maximize customer loyality, visits and wallet share.

Use cross promotions to maximize your marketing dollar return across Online and Brick-n-Mortar. Online sites need more than just good games to create loyalty.

Your patrons are swamped with marketing messages, make your brand and offers stand out as relevant, timely and interesting!

Leverage integrated marketing across all your channels to maximize loyalty, visits and wallet share.

Who is C2Rewards?

C2Rewards is a team dedicated to delivering a cloud based social iGaming platform and marketing solution to profitably launch and support small to medium-sized casino iGaming initiatives. We increase the casino’s wallet share and patron loyalty in the face of competition from other, sometimes larger, casinos iGaming solutions. Our solution includes the infrastructure and preferential game content licensing necessary to allow you to launch quickly, at a low cost and then participate profitably in Free Play iGaming today and Real Money iGaming in the future.

What is C2Rewards’ solution?

C2Rewards is a cloud based social iGaming platform delivering a fully casino branded experience to your patrons.  Your marketing team gets an integrated multi-channel direct marketing platform to blend your online iGaming assets with your brick-n-mortar property assets (gaming, entertainment, dining, retail, etc.) to enable new cross-promotional capabilities, based on new marketing intelligence, to expand casino profits and patron loyalty.

C2Rewards is a turnkey solution requiring minimal internal casino resources and capital outlay.

What should I look for in an iGaming solution?

Here is a checklist that may help you select an effective iGaming solution:

  • Does it differentiate you casino from the offerings of other casinos? Why would a patron play your iGaming offerings rather than another?  
  • Are you building your brand or the iGaming vendor’s brand?
  • Does the solution offer extensive game content from A-List vendors? Are there plans for ongoing aggressive development of new game content?
  • Does the iGaming solution fit into your marketing process?  Does it have integrated capabilities for effective multi-channel, multi-asset based marketing campaigns that leverage the information you could and should collect from online patrons?
  • Can you integrate your brick-n-mortar data and systems to maximize your patron knowledge?
  • Do you own and control the data collected online? Is it timely data?  It the data secure? Is your patron database retained by you?
  • Are you implementing technology that can handle the rigors of Real Money play, while delivering play-for-fun gaming capabilities now?
  • Are you getting a solution that fully exploits social media?
  • Are you getting a good return on your investment now and in the long term?
  • Are the startup costs and monthly fees for the solution appropriate for your budget?

What is social iGaming and how does it make my offering more competitive?

We define social iGaming as online casino style gaming imbedded in a social network portal that promotes your casino’s brand and delivers daily patron engagement. Use social engagement to make daily offers to your patrons to increase their excitement to play online and visit your property. Build competitive advantage by establishing patron perception of direct value in their iGaming activities and their play at your property. Social engagement is an integral component of an effective cross-promotional model necessary to build patron loyalty and excitement.

Why should I pick C2Rewards as my social iGaming solution?

C2Rewards delivers more brick-n-mortar visits and wallet share and builds your online brand. Our platform provides multi-channel marketing tools to:

  • Gain and keep patrons by offering industry leading casino and poker games
  • Build competitive advantage by building deeper and more complete patron profiles
  • Upsell through daily patron engagement in our casino oriented social network
  • Monetize your online offering through free play chip purchase and advertising revenue
  • Maximize your online brand value by promoting only your branding and content
  • Avoid the pain of integration across multiple disparate systems
  • Prepare for a future of real money iGaming

What does it take to get my casino online with a C2Rewards portal?

We can bring your casino portal online in a matter of weeks. C2Rewards is a cloud based subscription solution. We create a portal for you and create the initial content. We give your team editing rights to the content so they can polish and extend it as much as they like. Your team plans and executes a marketing campaign to your existing patron database and your patrons signup into your fully branded portal signup process. You can use your existing marketing platform or leverage the integrated C2Rewards marketing platform, or a combination of the two.

What is poker liquidity and why do I care?

Liquidity is a measure of the number and type of active poker tables available to patrons. The more active tables, different types of games and total number of poker players you have the happier your players will be. Happy players play more!

Launching your own poker environment, with only the players available in your existing patron database, is possible if you have a patron database in the multi-million range, otherwise it is necessary to join a poker network to achieve sufficient liquidity for your patrons to have a good experience.

C2Rewards brings the SHFL OnGame poker network to your portal. The SHFL OnGame poker network brings massive liquidity to your patrons by bringing patrons from multiple operators to the same tables. C2Rewards is an OnGame poker network operator. Your Casino Lifestyle Network portal provides your patrons with access to tables with thousands of players form other portals and operators. Patron see the branding of the Operator’s (or Portal’s) branding and operators/portals get a share of the poker pot rake for each player they bring to the table.

How much does it cost?  How do I budget for it?

C2Rewards is a cloud based solution so there are no capital expenditures. You pay a low monthly subscription fee that can be covered and easily exceeded by your revenue share from Free Play chip purchases and advertising. Setup fees start at $0.0 – that’s right $0.0. We are confident your iGaming solution can hit break even and generate profits right away. We share in your success. We offer a variety of subscription plans so talk to our sales group to get a tailored quote that makes the most sense for your casino.

Should I be concerned about my Free Play iGaming solution being seen as regulated Gambling?

Regulations vary state by state and tribal compacts may have restrictions as well but in general Gambling is considered to exist if you have three elements: Chance, Consideration and Prize.

In a Free Play iGaming solution we have Consideration in the form of chip purchase and or advertising views, we also have Prize in that we want to reward patrons with redemptions of items of value.

The C2Rewards iGaming solution eliminates Chance. Patrons are rewarded for participating on the network instead of their game play. The portal points system sees point accumulation for time on site, social invites, posting and other social related activities.

Do you have other questions or need a demonstration?

Please feel free to request a demonstation.  We will answer all your questions and show you how we can help you expand your brand; better leverage brick-n-mortar and online assets; and increase revenue and profits from an iGaming social network.