Bridge the gap between your Brick-n-Mortar and Online brands to maximize customer loyality, visits and wallet share.

Use cross promotions to maximize your marketing dollar return across Online and Brick-n-Mortar. Online sites need more than just good games to create loyalty.

Your patrons are swamped with marketing messages, make your brand and offers stand out as relevant, timely and interesting!

Leverage integrated marketing across all your channels to maximize loyalty, visits and wallet share.

C2Rewards subscription programs provide a full branded portal, great games and sophisticated marketing as a cloud based service. Your team uses these tools to increase brick-n-mortar visits and wallet share by better understanding your patron using what is learned about your patron from their social network interactions. Create meaningful results quickly through more frequent patron engagement.

Our subscription model keeps your risk and out-of-pocket expenses manageable and commensurate with the value add to your business. Each subscription provides revenue share in both chip purchases and advertising and these revenues may exceed your flat monthly subscription fees. Marketing transactions, like triggered emails, are charged on a usage basis; you use only as much as you need to achieve the results you want.

Call our sales team today so we can create a proposal for your property that will meet your needs.

OnGame Poker Network brings enormous Fun Play and Real Play liquidity to your portal and ensures your players always have a great selection of poker tables and tournaments to choose from.

The platform provides world class security and anti-fraud features to identify and manage collusion, bot play and other bad behavior that can compromise your offering.

Offer hundreds of games to your patrons, each branded for your casino, delivered in your casino's social network portal.